Wheel Cleaner Products

If clean wheels make you happy, you’ll be delighted by the range of effective wheel and tire cleaning products available at Car Care Products Australia. We have you and your car covered with a wide selection of cleaning and detailing products to choose from, including wheel cleaners and iron removers, wheel brushes, tire cleaners and dressings, wheel protection products and other car wheel cleaning products to enhance wheel shine.

Discover the Best Products for Cleaning Wheels

From a single wheel wash mitt through to the best mag wheel cleaner and a complete wheel detailing kit packed with everything you need, we pride ourselves on stocking the best wheel and tire cleaners sourced from globally recognised brands such as Gyeon, Autoglym and Duragloss.

Our range includes:

  • Tyre dressings that give tyres that perfect new tyre gloss and finish − Whether you want to protect your tyres with a gloss, semi-gloss or satin finish, we offer wheel shine products from leading brands that can help to achieve the look you want so you can hit the road in style. Tire cleaning and dressing products we stock include GYEON Q2 Tire Gel, Duragloss Tyre Dressing and Autobrite Tyre Gel.
  • Wheel cleaners and iron removers that can be safely used on most wheels to dissolve and remove brake dust and grime − Our car wheel cleaner range includes GYEON Q2 Iron Wheel Cleaner as well as Autobrite Purple Rain, Duraloss All Wheel Cleaner and Nanolex Professional Wheel Concentrate, which are all effective choices when you’re looking for the best rim cleaner and wheel trim cleaner in one.
  • Wheel protection products such as sealants to stop brake dust build-up − When it comes to effective wheel protection supplies, we have what you need to prevent long-term damage from occurring. Our available products and kits are suitable for factory, aftermarket and custom wheels, with options including Duragloss Enviroshield Ceramic Coating System, GYEON Q2 RIM Wheel protection Coating and GYEON Q2 CanCoat.
  • Wheel brushes that clean all the way through wheels without scratching − We stock quality wheel brushes that are designed to clean effectively while being gentle, ensuring no marring, scratching or other damage. Choose from Mint detailing brushes, Wheel Woolies, GYEON Wheel Brushes and Vikan Wheel Brushes that can remove dirt and grime picked up from the road without damaging alloy wheels and other wheel types.

Whether you need the very best wheel cleaning products or you’re looking for a specific wheel cleaning tool, Car Care Products Australia can meet your needs. Browse our range online to discover our full wheel cleaner range, or speak to our friendly team for more information on our products.