Car Polish Products

If you want your car to have a deep gloss that is even better than the day you bought it, look no further than the car polish range available at Car Care Products Australia. Our polishing products are guaranteed to make your car shine and your paint pop. We have a range of car polishing machines and car polish to suit the complete amateur through to the professional detailer, along with polishing pads and the best in polish.

Our Selection

We have an extensive range of car polishers and polish for you to choose from across various sub-categories, including:

  • Backing plates that allow you to change buffing pads fast and easily
  • Polishing machines for enthusiasts and professionals from the best brands
  • Polishing pads to cut, polish and finish, working together with the correct car polish
  • Car polish and compounds to remove the deepest marks and create the perfect gloss
  • Wet sanding products for when polishing is not enough, including fine sanding paper and discs to remove scratches
  • Metal and chrome to restore and polish to a mirror-like finish
  • Polisher kits that provide a complete solution for car polishing to make your car look better than ever before
  • All-In-One and glazes that lightly cleanse, polish and seal the paint in one easy application

Learn More Today

Get in touch with the knowledgeable team at Car Care Products Australia to learn more about our car polish products and how they can transform your car. Simply call us on 1300 006 007 or enquire online for a fast and friendly response.