Car Cleaning Accessories

Are you looking for tools and accessories that make cleaning your car even easier? The team at Car Care Products Australia have you covered with an impressive range of car cleaning accessories. From car care bags that help you store all your detailing tools through to car covers that protect your car from hail, rain and the weather, we have everything you need to get the job done properly.

Discover Our Vast Range

Our range of car cleaning accessories includes:

  • Applicators foam and microfibre that are specially designed to apply sealants and waxes.
  • Bottles and triggers strong bottles and chemical resistant triggers to mix and dispense your products
  • Car covers a huge range or waterproof and hail car covers
  • Clothing cool gear to wear while you detail
  • Garage flooring turn your garage into a showroom with these garage tiles
  • Vacuums quality vacuum and shampoo extractors from Numatic
  • Safety gear to protect you whilst detailing, safety glass, ear protection and nitrile gloves
  • Miscellaneous everything else! Paint Thickness Gauges, plastic razor blades, touch up brushes and loads more
  • Bags and storage that allow you to store and carry detailing tools and products with ease
  • Car dusters that gently lift and remove light dust

Car Care Products Australia is the best destination for car cleaning accessories and car covers that make it easier than ever to care for your car. Get in touch with our friendly team to learn more, or place your order online today.