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Car Cleaning Kits & Car Detailing Kits

Car Care Products Australia stocks various car wash kits that contain everything you need to maintain, wash and protect your car, including quality wash mitts, drying towels, pH neutral car wash concentrate, buckets and grit guard dirt separators. These kits come in a basic form or complete to cover both interior and exterior protection and maintenance. No matter which DIY car wash kit or detailing kit you select, you can rest assured you’ll be using only the best on your car for a fast and effective clean.

Our range of car cleaning kits includes the following options from leading brands:

  • CCP Total Wash Essentials Kit
  • Duragloss Wash Starter Kit
  • Enthusiasts Wash Essentials Kit
  • GYEON Wash Kit
  • GYEON Complete Maintenance Kit
  • GYEON Quartz Wash Starter Kit
  • Swissvax Entry Collection Onyx and Shield

Everything You Need in One Handy Kit

Gone are the days of spending hours looking at different car cleaning products online to build up your own kit. These handy car cleaning and car detailing kits come packed with everything you need for a fast and effective clean for your car. Combining quality car wash products with suitable tools such as buckets and wash mitts, it’s easier than ever to get the best products to keep your car looking spotless on both the inside and out.

Car Cleaning Kits for Every Type of Car and Owner

Get a car washing kit to make that next wash quick, effortless and easy – and without any risk of swirls or spider webbing to your paintwork! Duragloss Wash Starter Kit contains all the necessary basics, or grab a DIY car detailing kit from GYEON quartz that contains a premium selection of products to help you care for your car.

Say no to swirls! Start using the Two Bucket Method with our car wash bucket kits to help prevent any risk of paint swirls or damage from the wash process. With our impressive range of car cleaning and car detailing kits, you can wash your car like the professionals and never have to worry about your paint again!