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Car Paint Protection Film

Car Care Products Australia stocks premium and invisible car paint protection film to help protect the paintwork of your car from stone chips, scratches, bug splatter, and contaminants that may affect your paintwork. Our range includes XPEL TRACWRAP temporary car paint protection film − a quick and easy solution for superior automotive paint protection that takes less than 45 minutes to apply. These DIY PPF Film Kits can help protect your door edges, door cups, door sills and other areas that have high traffic and are susceptible to scuffs, chips and marking. We also stock PPF Film Cleaners, PPF Film Sealants, Film Renewal products, and accessories. We also offer in-house XPEL Paint Protection Film Solutions for cars across Australia – ask us for more info to protect your ride today!

Car Paint Protection Film Accessories

In addition to vehicle protection film, we also have a selection of cleaning products for sale to help maintain film and ensure it provides optimum protection.

Our film washing and cleaning products include:

  • XPEL Flawless Finish Paint Protection Film Cleaner
  • XPEL Flawless Finish Rinse Free Car Wash
  • GYEON Q2M PPF Film Renew


How to Install Car Paint Protection Film

  1. Wash, clay and prep your paint
  2. Clean surfaces with a solvent to remove all residues
  3. Spray the film with slip solution or gel and remove the backing
  4. Place the film on top of the bodywork and slide it into position
  5. Spray the film with gel or slip solution and then slowly move a squeegee to push the air and moisture from underneath the film
  6. Continue using the squeegee on the film until all the air bubbles are gone and the edges are in position. Use your thumb to seal any edges.
  7. Use a dryer to warm the film edges to ensure it is fully sealed.


Buy Premium Paint Protection Products Online Today

Have any questions about our car paint protection film range? Contact our friendly team today for more information and advice on the best vehicle protection products for your car. You can also shop at one of our showrooms in Sydney, Brisbane, or Melbourne if you prefer to talk to our team in person.