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Buy Paint Protection Ceramic Coatings

You want the best protection for your car possible – an automotive Glass or Ceramic Car Coating that will last years, not weeks. For a super hydrophobic ultra-high gloss finish, GYEON quartz PURE, MOHS, Syncro or Nanolex SI3D Ceramic Paint Protection Kits offer a range suitable for enthusiasts, advanced or professional detailers in Australia to apply in their own garage with professional long-lasting results.

Clear ceramic paint protection for cars will outlast any wax or synthetic sealant, creating a semi-permanent bond to guard against chemicals, fallout and other daily driving nasties. When you buy one of these ceramic paint protection kits from Car Care Products Australia, you can add a further ‘clear coat’ layer of gloss, shine and depth to your paintwork whilst providing easy on-going maintenance.

A Range of Ceramic Paint Protection Products Available to Buy Online in Australia

Whether you want a long-lasting Quartz coating kit or a versatile Nano paint coating, our clear ceramic car coating solutions can protect your car from UV damage, oxidisation, chemical stains, etching, bird droppings, hard water marks, and more. When applied, our automotive ceramic coating products can also increase the ease of washing, enhance gloss and shine, and help maintain the value of your car.

How to Use Ceramic Coating Products

  1. Fully wash and dry the car before applying the ceramic car coating.
  2. Clay the car if required to remove any surface contamination.
  3. If your paint is not perfect and has scratches, marks or swirls, now is the time to polish them out. A Ceramic Coating will not hide these, it will lock these imperfections in.
  4. Use a Pre-Cleaner such as Gyeon Prep to wipe the surface free of oils and residue, preparing it perfectly for application of the ceramic coating.
  5. Wrap a microfiber suede cloth around a foam block and apply the coating onto the applicator.
  6. Spread the coating evenly over a small section (max 50x50cm) of the paint surface.
  7. Wait no more than 20 seconds, use a clean super-soft microfiber towel to wipe off fully.
  8. After you have completed one full panel, take your wipe-off cloth and go back over the panel to make sure any smears or residue is fully wiped off before you move onto the next panel.


Buy Premium Ceramic Coating Products Today

For more information regarding our extensive selection of the best ceramic coating for cars Australia wide, get in touch with Car Care Products Australia. Contact us today by calling 1300 006 007 or emailing info@carcareproducts.com.au for more information about our ceramic car coating and ceramic paint protection products. You can also visit one of our showrooms in Australia or shop online to enjoy the lowest ceramic paint protection for cars cost.