Offering the Best Car Paint Protection Products

Protecting your car’s paint work is one of the most important tasks relating to car detailing. Not only does it make your car’s paintwork look great, but it also acts as a sacrificial layer that protects your car from the elements.

If your car is well protected with a quality car wax or paint protection, it is not only going to make it shine, but it will also be easier to clean, as the dirt and grime cannot stick to the surface. The Australian climate is harsh and your car needs protection, even when it is brand new. Fortunately, the team at Car Care Products Australia can provide a wide range of car wax and car paint protection products for you to purchase, including DIY ceramic coatings, high-quality carnauba wax, full car paint protection kits, paint sealants, and more.

Our Sub-Categories

Our impressive selection of car wax and car paint protection products includes:

  • Car wax Old school carnauba wax that provides that depth and intensity others cannot. Our range includes superior products from reputable brands such as Dodo Juice, Swissvax, and Collinite.
  • Car Sealant A synthetic option that is easy to apply and long lasting for daily drivers. Perfect for providing a deep shine and delivering a smooth finish for ultimate protection. Choose from dozens of quality car paint sealants from leading brands like Duragloss, Menzerna and Autoglym.
  • Ceramic coatings The latest in protection technology; ultra-long lasting and ultra-durable. Our available options include long-lasting Quartz coatings and versatile Nano paint coatings, with convenient kits that contain everything you need.
  • Paint protection kits Complete solutions that make it easy to prepare and protect your car. Ideal for providing durability, protection and a high gloss finish to your paintwork. Our staff are happy to advise you on the best kit for your application.
  • Glass sealants and other products These products help to repel water, oil and dirt, making driving clearer and safer. Our range includes glass polish, glass sealant, rain repellents and anti-fog products.
  • Exterior trim products Plastic trim gets beaten up more in Australia than anywhere with the strong UV. Our exterior trim products are capable of revitalising faded trim back to black and lasting for months not just days like most.
  • Paint protection film We have everything you need to protect your car’s paintwork from rock chips, bug splatter and more. Our paint protection film products for cars include durable XPEL TRACWRAP as well as film cleaning products from XPEL and GYEON.

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If you’re looking to buy car wax polish and car paint protection products for sale, you can rely on Car Care Products Australia to have the car protection solution for you. Call us today or shop online to enjoy the best prices and the fastest delivery across Australia from our showrooms in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne.