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Detailing Clay & Clay Bar Products

Preparation is key, and the safest and best detailing clay to prepare your car for a wax and polish is the Clay Magic, Dodo Juice or Mint Fine Grade Clay Bars from Japan. These high grade quality detailing clay bars effectively remove pollutants, contaminants and fallout from your car’s paintwork and windshield in preparation for the next step, whether paint correction with your DAS6 RO Polisher or protection with your wax, polymer or ceramic coating. Every clay bar kit we stock here at Car Care Products Australia has colour codes on them based on the product’s strength to help you find the right clay bar treatment for your car.

Clay Bars, Lube & Clay Cloth Products

We offer all grades of clay, from the ultra-fine to medium and coarse clay bars, clay cloths and clay bar lubricants.

Our range includes:

  • Dodo Juice Fine Grade Clay Bar – A high-quality famous Japanese fine grade clay that will quickly and safely remove paintwork contaminants without marring
  • Clay Magic Clay Bar – A professional Japanese clay bar for the professional or enthusiast detailer in either Fine or Coarse Clay
  • GYEON Clay and Clay Lube – Lube is required for any clay bar to pick up unpleasant elements and remove them from the surface of your car. Much better than just using a quick detailer or soap and water, using detailing clay lubricant provides unparalleled results for clay bar auto detailing

How to Use Clay Bar Kits

Using a clay bar kit is easy and a necessary step to prepare your car for using a polishing machine with a cutting or polishing compound. If you skip claying and go to the polishing step straight after drying your car, the debris will act as an abrasive and damage your car’s paint or clear coat.

Every car lover and car detailing enthusiast will tell you that a clay bar is the secret to achieving a brilliant shine. So if you want to learn how to properly use a clay bar, lubricating spray or detailing clay mitt, check out our guide on how to clay your car.

Contact Us Today to Buy Clay Bar Products

Unsure which clay is suitable? Just contact us and we can discuss which detailing clay bar or clay bar kit would be suitable for your car’s paintwork, wheels and windshield. Whether you’re looking to purchase an aggressive clay bar, a buffing clay bar, a clay bar detailing spray, PPF products, or anything else, Car Care Products Australia is sure to have the best clay bar for detailing your car. Browse our online shop or drop into one of our showrooms in Sydney and Brisbane today.