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  1. Autobrite Purple Rain 500mL
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Wheel Cleaner & Iron Remover for Cars

Your wheels and paint are regularly covered in ferrous deposits – the super fine dust that comes from car and truck brakes (especially European Cars), trains and even trams. It sticks to your car’s paint and wheels, making the surface of paint rough and stopping wax or polish from bonding well. Make sure you remove this contamination from wheels and paint safely with a car paint iron remover that gently dissolves the particles safely, turning purple to show you it’s working. De-ironisers can be used on paint, wheels and most car surfaces to cleanse and decontaminate.

Our Range

Car Care Products Australia is proud to stock an impressive selection of alloy wheel cleaner and auto iron remover products, including:

  • Autobrite Purple Rain that safely dissolves brake dust and iron contaminants upon contact
  • Dodo Juice Ferrous Dueller to remove iron deposits and be used as a clay lube all at once, providing an easy 1 step solution for decontamination
  • Nanolex Wheel Cleaner and Iron Remover is less aggressive but no less effective than acid-based wheel cleaners
  • Nexzett Colourtec for European cars that dissolves ferrous metal particles and prevents long-term corrosion damage
  • Gyeon Iron Remover for car paint that safely dissolves ferrous particles to be easily rinsed off and is safe to use on all exterior surfaces
  • Gyeon Iron wheel cleaner that safely dissolves ferrous particles to be easily rinsed off and is safe to use on all wheels.
  • Swiss Forte Wheel Cleaner is an acid-free and phosphate-free de-ironiser that will safely dissolve and remove brake dust fallout on all types of wheels.

Shop Online or In-Store Today

We stock a variety of wheel cleaners and iron fallout wheel cleaners suitable for all wheel types, including factory alloys, custom 3 piece, forged, monoblock and even aluminium wheels. Contact us today by calling 1300 006 007 or visit one of our showrooms in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane to find a suitable auto iron remover, alloy wheel cleaner and wheel brush for your wheels.