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  1. Autoglym Multi Cleaner PM3 5L
  2. Duragloss Ultimate Orange Cleaner 946mL
    Special Price $20.69 Regular Price $22.99
  3. Gyeon Q2M APC 1L
  4. Gyeon Q2R Degrease 1000ml
  5. Nanolex Professional PreWash 750ml
    Special Price $16.99 Regular Price $29.99
  6. Nextzett Blitz All Purpose Cleaner 1L

Showing 1-12 of 15 Results

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Automotive All-Purpose Cleaner

Want the best all-purpose cleaner car product that can be used on various surfaces such as door and boot jambs, engine bay, interior upholstery cleaning and even wheel arches? We stock biodegradable, non-acid and citrus all-purpose cleaners (APC) that are capable of removing contaminants from various surfaces without damaging paintwork and components.

What is an Automotive All-Purpose Cleaner?

An APC cleaner for cars is a safe, non-toxic multi-purpose car interior cleaner that contains  a blend of cleaners and emulsification agents and can be used on various types of surfaces, such as carpet, cloth, vinyl, rubber, plastics, engine compartments and others.

APC cleaners do not bleach surfaces, and their low-suds formula stops surfaces from becoming sticky or soapy. An APC car cleaner can be used to get rid of most stains on cloth seats, remove scuff marks on vinyl door panels, wipe the grime away in door jams, and remove grime from tyres. You can use an all-purpose cleaner concentrate product to wipe down your engine compartment to remove oil and grease.

The ingredients contained in an APC car cleaner may differ from product to product, but generally speaking they’re medium to light all-purpose degreasers. Although they’re not as effective as engine bay cleaners or traffic film removers, they’re a lot stronger than shampoos, partially because they take effect in a different way.

What APC Concentrate Products Can Clean

  • Tyres
  • Wheel arches
  • Dirt on paintwork and other surfaces
  • Fabric
  • Engine bays
  • Door jams and hinges
  • Tailpipes
  • Small spaces and crevices
  • Tools and polishing padsafter being used
  • Grime and oils from windows before using a glass cleaner
  • And other applications


Discover Our Range of All-Purpose Cleaner for Cars 

We stock a variety of All Purpose Cleaner (APC) containing non-caustic and biodegradable ingredients, with options from Duragloss, Nextzett, Nanolex, Autobrite and Dodo Juice that are suitable for cleaning most automotive interior and exterior surfaces.

Car Care Products Australia is proud to be a leading provider of the best all-purpose cleaner car products, including Duragloss all-purpose cleaner and Nextzett Blitz Cleaner. Browse our range of multi-purpose car cleaner products and order online today.

Contact Us for Help Finding the Right APC Car Cleaner 

Car Care Products Australia stocks the best all-purpose cleaner car products on the market that will get your car looking spic and span again in no time. If you need some assistance choosing which multi-purpose car cleaner to purchase, you can contact us by calling 1300 006 007, sending an email to info@carcareproducts.com.au or visiting one of our showrooms.