Car Cleaning Preparation Products

Car Care Products Australia offers a huge range of clay bars and car cleaning preparation products to maximise the effectiveness of cleaning and help waxes and sealants last longer. Whether you’re looking for surface cleansers, clay bars or de-ironizers, our range is sure to contain the professional supplies you need to achieve superior results.

An Impressive Range to Choose From

Within our car cleaning preparation range, you’ll find everything you need to add the finishing touch to your car, including:

  • Bug and tar solutions that wash off and dissolve insects, corrosive bird droppings, tar and rubber from paintwork and wheels
  • Car detailing clay bar kits that quickly and safely removes contaminants on paintwork, preparing the surface for polishing
  • De-ironizer that can safely dissolve brake dust and iron contaminants
  • Tape for masking your car prior to machine or hand polishing, helping to avoid excess polish from marking plastic and rubber trimmings
  • Surface cleanser that removes all traces of old waxes and polishes and prepares the surface
  • APC All Purpose Cleaners that can wash off dirt and oil and clean multiple surfaces much better than water
  • Engine bay solutions for cleaning engines safely

When it comes to clay bars and other professional products for preparing your paint for car detailing, you won’t find a better supplier than Car Care Products Australia. Contact us today to learn more, or shop online with us to enjoy great prices and fast delivery across our range of car supplies.