Polisher Kits

Car Polishing Kit

Looking for a proper Dual Action Polisher Kit that will easily, safely and effectively remove paint marring, oxidisation, swirls and holograms? At Car Care Products Australia, we offer a variety of Car Polishing Kits that work to return that gloss, clarity, depth and shine to your car’s paintwork, and are completely safe and suitable for amateur, enthusiast and professional detailers alike.

Our Polishing Kit Selection

We pride ourselves on having a polishing kit selection that accommodates a range of different needs and budgets. Our range includes:

  • A rotary polisher kit for cars that’s perfect for experienced users
  • A Mint ProTools RO Polisher that’s safe for the amateur user at home
  • A premium Rupes polisher kit to complete even the most challenging jobs for the advanced user
  • A dual action deluxe polisher kit that contains everything you require from start to finish

We also offer online how-to videos and are happy to guide you through the steps to remove paint imperfections and get that showroom shine you’ve always wanted from your car.

At Car Care Products Australia, we’re confident that you’ll find a car polishing kit that meets your needs. Get in touch with us today for more information and further assistance.