Car Detailing Microfibre Supplies – Cleaning Cloths & More

Car Care Products Australia proudly offers premium microfibre car supplies, including microfibre cloths that are sourced from South Korea, the producers of the best microfibre in the world. These soft and absorbent car detailing microfibre cloths are perfect for polishing, buffing and drying the surface of your car, providing a streak-free finish that will leave it looking like new.

Choose from an Extensive Microfibre Cleaning Cloth Range

We stock a huge range of car detailing microfibre towels for cleaning and drying cars, including:

  • Drying Towels and Microfibre Chamois that can absorb large amounts of water without scratching your car − Softer and safer to use than standard chamois, these microfibre car cleaning supplies are highly absorbent and can be used to dry paint without the risk of damage, swirling or smudging.
  • Microfibre cloths that are soft and safe to use without scratching or leaving marks − We stock a range of durable microfibre cleaning cloth products that are suitable for different purposes, including drying, detailing, polishing, removal of wax and more. Available options in our auto detailing microfibre fabric range include the Gyeon Polish Wipe, the Mint Ultra Deluxe Drying Towel and the Gyeon Silk Dry Towel, as well as the Mint Microfibre Cloth Range that contains options for almost any application.
  • Mitts that can collect dirt particles without leaving behind wash swirls on the paintwork surface − Our car detailing microfibre mitts are the perfect choice for cleaning and washing your car, as they’re designed to minimise the risk of damage and paint marring. We stock brands that use the highest quality and most durable fibres for the very best results, including options from Dodo, Gyeon and Mint.
  • Microfibre washing and care products such as liquid detergents that are suitable for cleaning microfibre cloths, towels and mitts − In order to keep microfibre car cloths soft, absorbent, durable and in good condition, it’s important to care for them using the right products. Car Care Products Australia stocks an excellent range of cleaning products that includes Gyeon Q2M Towel Wash and Mint MWash, both specially formulated to clean auto detailing microfiber cloths safely and effectively.

Visit one of our Sydney or Brisbane showrooms today to view our range of quality microfibre car supplies in person, including the best microfiber fabric for car use. Alternatively, you can order online for fast delivery in Australia or contact us for friendly advice and assistance on the best options for your car’s surfaces.