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Einszett 1Z Cockpit Premium Interior Plastic Cleaner, 500 ml

Only 500ml size available

1Z Einszett Cockpit Premium Interior Plastic Cleaner is a specially formulated spray on treatment for all of your interior trim including audio equipment and clear plastics. Einszett Premium Cockpit Plastic Cleaner also gives your trim protection against UV and does not attract dust.

Free of any oils, a gentle water based formula provides a matt original showroom finish to your interiors trim and safe to use on audio/navigation equipment. With Einszetts Premium Cockpit Plastic Cleaner’s unique formula it allows you to clean and protect even your steering wheel with its non-slip finish to avoid any loss of grip.

1Z Einszett Premium Cockpit Plastic Cleaner will give a long lasting oem matte finish with a hint of citrus scent to any car.

A must have for any modern car owner, especially European makes.

Size: 500 ml

Available: Delivered or Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne or Perth

Customer Reviews
  • By Dimce on 24.10.2017

    Come across this product on YouTube, top product smells nice. I like how you can clean your interior without adding that shine on trim making it noticeable when you missed a spot! 2 sprays in a microfiber towel per panel and dash Is all I required to do my car.

  • By Shaun on 15.12.2015

    Great interior cleaner! Was unsure about using it on brand new cars but leaves that natural "factory clean" look

  • By Gary Young on 10.08.2015

    This is truly a superior interior cleaner which leaves your dash and interior trim with a nice matte finish, as it came from the factory. It also leaves behind a nice refreshing citrus scent that is subtle and not too overpowering like other interior cleaners.

    I have used other cleaners and none of them come even close to the superior finish provided by Einszett. These other cleaners either dry out your trim/dash overtime or leave behind sticky residue or overly glossy finish that reflects off the windscreen when you're driving. I'd recommend applying a few squirts of the product directly onto a damp microfibre towel rather than directly onto the surface to prevent over-spray.

  • By Scott on 31.08.2014

    Highly recommended. Easy to use and with 1Z plastic deep clean turned my dash from a shiney dash back to a factory matte dash. Looks original but now I know its protected and smells good too.

  • By EMRE NAZLIOGLU on 27.02.2014

    Matte finish.
    No residue remains in the honeycomb style dash.
    Pleasant smell.
    500ml is more than enough.

    Car - 2012 SSV

  • By Simon on 10.08.2013

    Leaves a fresh factory finish look and a pleasent scent. Removes greasy finger marks easily to leave a matt finish

  • By Myles Harris on 18.11.2012

    I have literally spent decades experimenting with vinyl cleaners/protectants. All have been way too shiny. All I wanted was the original look/finish that the car had when I purchased it. I wanted a matte look to the interior but it had to look almost moisturised. Not dried out.

    1z Cockpit Premium gives this look. It cleans off greasy finger marks and scuffs and brings back the new car look. If you have used a protectant that you don't like this will clean it off too. I love it.

  • By Phil on 26.08.2012

    Leaves the typical fresh Einszett fragrance, evaporates with no streaks. Leaves dashboards matt as original.

Einszett 1Z Cockpit Premium Interior Plastic Cleaner
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