Stopping Tyre Sling from your Tyre Dressing!

The first thing we get asked at Car Care Products when someone is looking for a Tyre Dressing is "will it sling?

Tyre dressing sling is an issue that many people face on a regular basis, the blame is often placed on the product. Granted some products aren't always the best (such as those cheap aersol cans) however it is not always the product! The actual cause can be caused by the application processed, and this might be the key problem causing that sling of your favourite tyre dressing down the side of your car.

Step 1: Clean Your Tyres Thoroughly and DRY your Tyres.

Wait what, clean my tyres? You heard right, thoroughly clean your tyres with a tyre cleaner or wheel cleaner to ensure you are removing old dressing including grime and dirt that has bonded to the tyre and the tyre dressing. 

This step is often overlooked, and we find people return to say but the tyre dressing slung and it looked patchy. In the same process as your paint, preparation is key for result!

You will be surprised the amount of dirt, grime and dust that comes off your tyres if they have not been cleaned in a while.  Routine tyre cleaning will keep your tyres looking great, but more importantly help that tyre dressing bond and give an even consistent finish without the risk of sling down the side of your car. just remember, after the tyres have been cleaned, make sure they are completely dry before applying the dressing of your choice.

We have put together a little information to help you decide which tyre dressings would be suitable for your cars finish and your preferences:

GYEON Q2 Tire Gel - the longest lasting tyre dressing in our range, based on SiO2 (quartz) technology this tyre dressing is our best seller. Offers a semi-gloss finish which can be layered again for further gloss, water repellent and lasts a few weeks at a time. Tyres do not brown out even after gloss has worn away.

Duragloss 253 Tire & Rubber Dressing - a deep finish, more of a prestigeous type look suitable to all tyres including michelin, pirelli and continentals.

Dodo Juice Supernatural Tyre Dressing - struggling to find a tyre dressing to sticking onto your tyre? Brands such as Pirelli, Michelin and Continentals tend to repel tyre dressings which means not many will stick or in fact look consistent to your tyre face. A semi-gloss finish.

Autobrite Berry Gel Tyre Dressing - the ultimate wet gloss finish, for those who want that ultimate wet look tyre this is it! 

Dr. Beasley's Tire Conditioner - this is designed for those who do not want a tyre shine but do not want a brown ugly tyre. A very clean and almost matte satin finish leaving the tyre dressed, protected and looking just as you wanted it.

Duragloss Whitewall Cleaner - as the name suggests, used to clean whitewalls on your tyres and remove dirt grime, road debris and other stubborn stains to leave them bright and looking clean again. We also suggest using Duragloss Tire & Rubber Dressing Afterwards to add a little further depth to the black rubber parts of your tyre.

Apply Thin Coats

Firstly, ensure you're using a Tyre Foam Applicator to apply your favourite dressing, this will help ensure not only a consistent finish for when applying but it will also help prevent excess application of dressing to your tyre.

Now that your tyre is dry, apply a thin amount of tyre dressing with your foam applicator. This also allows the dressing to dry quicker and avoids excess dressing that may sling. Now apply a secondary layer making numerous passes to ensure that the product has been adequately spread out and there are no areas where excess product has pooled (such as in cracks and grooves of the tread).


Allow Time to Dry & Wipe Away Excess Dressing

How fastidious are you about your car and tyres? Ideally we would suggest a minimum of 15 minutes to allow your tyre dressing to dry before driving the car, this will prevent sling and help your tyre dressing be as durable as it can. We do suggest if there is still a bit of dressing that is wet to use a all purpose microfibre towel and lightly wipe your tyres before driving. This will ensure that any excess product that may be built up on the face or the tread will be removed and not end up down the side of your paintwork.

Hopefully our tips to help you apply your favourite tyre dressing without the sling!