Nextzett Cleaners - Which do you need?


Nextzett Blitz is an all-purpose cleaner that is perfect for all applications. Blitz allows detailers to streamline the number of products they’re using into one that can do it all. We consider Blitz to be one of the most complete car detailing all purpose cleaner.

Nextzett Blitz

Nextzett Blitz APC is most effective when removing dirt and organic contaminants, making it ideal for most tasks, particularly for interior applications. It’s important to remember when looking at all purpose cleaners, that the pH level is not always indicative of how well the product will perform. More importantly the combination of ingredients can be all the difference between an effective and poorly preforming APC.

Nextzett Blitz is a considered a low pH alkaline based cleaner (10.4 – at full concentration). As a concentrate, it is to be mixed with water at various dilution ratios based on the cleaning strength you require. This will reduce the pH level as you add more water to the mixture.

You can use Blitz for several car surfaces and applications including cleaning plastic, upholstery and Alcantara. Blitz can also be used as a pre-cleaner before washing a vehicle and even as a wheel cleaner.

Cockpit Premium vs. Blitz

Cockpit Premium differs to Blitz in that it’s a ready to use product, simply spray and wipe. It’s primary task is cleaning and protecting all dashboard plastics, finishes, armrests, and screens.

Nextzett Cockpit Premium

Cockpit Premium is a light cleaner and leaves a protective, low shine finish that protects against fading effects from high Australian UV exposure and repels dust and debris. Cockpit Cleaner can be used to clean all clear plastics, it won’t smear or leave any water marks.

Generally, Blitz is an all-round cleaner and Cockpit Premium is a finishing cleaner and protector.

Plastic Deep Cleaner vs. Blitz

Plastic Deep Cleaner is a deep cleaning solution. It is a more powerful cleaner than Blitz and Cockpit with a pH of 11. Much like Cockpit, it is ready to use, just spray and wipe.

Plastic Deep Cleaner

Plastic Deep Cleaner’s specialty is removing grime and stains, including oil-based stains whether it’s from oily skin or rubber soled shoes.

Plastic Deep Cleaner removes rubber scuff marks from plastic panels, stubborn dirt build-up on seatbelts and even blue jean stains on leather seats. However, to be used on leather, it must be coated to have effect.

Once finished with Plastic Deep Cleaner, you can maintain the finish with Blitz, then to protect it, a layer of Cockpit Premium will leave a factory finish.