Mint Microfibre Wheel Brush

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The Mint Microfibre Wheel Brush is a specialized brush designed to effectively clean and detail your vehicle's wheels. With its durable bristles and microfibre technology, this brush removes dirt, grime, and brake dust without scratching or damaging the wheels, making it an essential tool for achieving pristine wheel finishes.

Some Wheel brushes can't hold on to water, so keeping wheels lubricated constantly whilst trying to remove dirt can be a tough gig. Mint Microfibre Wheel Brush is not like other wheel brushes. The Mint Microfibre Wheel Brush is specially shaped to allow you to clean even the tightest of areas of your wheels.

Product Features and Benefits

  • Specialized brush for thorough wheel cleaning
  • Durable bristles for effective dirt and grime removal
  • Microfibre technology for gentle and scratch-free cleaning
  • Ergonomic handle for comfortable grip and control
  • Flexible design for reaching tight and intricate areas
  • Safe for use on all types of wheels
  • Easy to clean and maintain

The Mint Microfibre Wheel Brush is the perfect tool for keeping your vehicle's wheels spotless and free from dirt and grime. This specialized brush is designed to provide thorough cleaning without causing any damage to the wheel surfaces, ensuring a pristine finish every time.

The durable bristles of the Mint Microfibre Wheel Brush are specifically crafted to effectively remove stubborn dirt, grime, and brake dust that accumulate on the wheels. The bristles provide excellent scrubbing power to break down and lift away contaminants, restoring the wheels to their original shine.

What sets the Mint Microfibre Wheel Brush apart is its microfibre technology. The brush features microfibre bristles that are gentle on the wheel surfaces, preventing scratches and swirl marks. The soft and plush microfibre material ensures a scratch-free cleaning experience while effectively trapping and removing dirt particles.

The Mint Microfibre Wheel Brush is designed with an ergonomic handle for a comfortable grip and enhanced control during use. This allows you to maneuver the brush with ease, ensuring thorough cleaning even in hard-to-reach areas. The flexible design of the brush enables it to access tight spaces and intricate wheel designs, providing comprehensive cleaning coverage.

Whether you have painted, chrome, alloy, or other types of wheels, the Mint Microfibre Wheel Brush is safe for use on all wheel surfaces. You can trust this brush to deliver a thorough and gentle cleaning experience without causing any damage or scratching.

Cleaning and maintaining the Mint Microfibre Wheel Brush is a breeze. After each use, simply rinse the brush with water to remove any remaining dirt or debris. For deeper cleaning, you can use mild soap or a dedicated wheel cleaner. Ensure that the brush is thoroughly rinsed and dried before storing it in a clean and dry place, ready for your next wheel cleaning session.

Dimensions: 50 mm x 70 mm x 440 mm

Step 1: Prepare Your Cleaning Solution

Before using the Mint Microfibre Wheel Brush, prepare a suitable wheel cleaning solution according to the manufacturer's instructions. Dilute the solution if necessary and ensure it is safe for use on your wheel type.

Step 2: Wet the Wheel Surface

Thoroughly wet the wheel surface with water to loosen any dirt, brake dust, or grime. This will help in the cleaning process and prevent scratching.

Step 3: Dip the Brush

Dip the Mint Microfibre Wheel Brush into the prepared cleaning solution, ensuring that the bristles are fully saturated.

Step 4: Clean the Wheel Surface

Gently scrub the wheel surface using the Mint Microfibre Wheel Brush, applying moderate pressure. Start from the top and work your way down, focusing on one section at a time. Use back-and-forth and circular motions to remove stubborn dirt and grime.

Step 5: Pay Attention to Detail

Use the smaller bristles or the brush's edge to access tight spaces, crevices, and spokes. Take your time and ensure thorough cleaning, especially in hard-to-reach areas.

Step 6: Rinse the Wheel

After cleaning each wheel section, rinse it thoroughly with clean water. Use a hose or a bucket of water to remove any remaining cleaning solution and dirt.

Step 7: Dry and Inspect

Once you've cleaned all the wheel surfaces, use a microfibre towel or a separate cloth to dry them. Inspect the wheels to ensure they are clean and free from any residue or missed spots.

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