Gyeon Q2R Marine Polish Step 1 (Cut) 1000ml

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GYEON Q2R Marine Polish Step 1 (Cut) offers high cutting power for effective defect and oxidation removal on marinecraft. Q²R MarinePolish Step 1 is a highly abrasive polish designed for the use on gelcoat and yacht paint. 

It will removes heavy defects, paint transfer or oxidation and other defects from your gelcoat in combination with a machine polisher whether Rotary or Dual Action.

We recommend using Step 2 prior to protecting your gelcoat or paintwork on your marinecraft as following and final steps.

Use the Q²R MarinePolish Step 1 only on a well cleaned surface with the polishing machine of your choice. Do not use high revs, do not extend the workcycle. Step 1 presents most of its cutting abilites withing the first 45 seconds. Possible use with Q²M HeavyCut pads. Always remove eccessive polish and do not let dry and work in a shaded area



CUT: 6+

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