Gyeon Q2M Eco Wash 1L

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Q²M ECOWash allows you to quickly and safely clean your vehicle without the necessity to use running water and having a set up with a drain or without allowing any detergents to drip into the soil/driveway. It can be used in one of 3 ways: as a waterless wash; as rinseless wash; as drying aid. The concentrated formula allows you to explore different dilutions and find your favourite mix depending on application, usage, climate and personal preference.

Q²M ECOWash has an addition of SiO2, which makes it slick, very glossy and provides water-repellency and self-cleaning abilities. This makes the product a great choice to maintain ceramic-coated cars in regions where a regular wash is impossible or prohibited by law. Its slickness provides more safety during the wash.

Wether you prefered way of using Q²M ECOwash in your area, we made sure that you can do it in each way easilly, and most important, safely. Waterless wash: dilute 1:15/1:10 - Rinseless: dilute 1:256/1:150 - Drying aid: dilute 1:20.

  1. Preparation: Park your vehicle in a shaded area and ensure the vehicle's surface is cool to the touch. Gather your cleaning supplies, including Gyeon Eco Wash, several clean microfiber towels, and an empty spray bottle.

  2. Dilution: Dilute Gyeon Eco Wash with water according to the manufacturer's instructions. A typical dilution ratio is 1 part Eco Wash to 10 parts water. Pour the diluted solution into a spray bottle.

  3. Initial Application: Starting from the top of the vehicle, generously spray the Eco Wash solution onto a small section of the vehicle's surface. Ensure the area is fully saturated but not dripping wet.

  4. Wipe Clean: Using a clean microfiber towel, gently wipe the sprayed area in a single direction to lift and remove dirt. Fold the towel frequently to use a clean side for each pass, preventing scratches.

  5. Dry and Buff: After the initial wipe, use a second clean microfiber towel to buff the area to a streak-free finish. Ensure the surface is completely dry and free of any remaining product.

  6. Repeat Process: Move on to the next section of the vehicle, repeating the application, wipe, and buff process until the entire vehicle is clean. Work in small sections to ensure thorough cleaning.

  7. Detailing Wheels and Trim: For wheels and trim, use the same dilution ratio and process. Spray the Eco Wash solution onto the surface, wipe clean with a microfiber towel, and buff to a dry finish.

  8. Inspect: After cleaning the entire vehicle, inspect all surfaces to ensure they are free of dirt, streaks, and residues. Touch up any missed spots as needed.

  9. Finishing Touches: Once the vehicle is clean and dry, consider applying a protective product such as a quick detailer, wax, or sealant to enhance shine and provide added protection.
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