Gyeon Q2M Bug & Grime 500ml

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Q²M Bug&Grime is a strong and very efficient pre-wash product, that has been developed specially for the removal of insects, bugs and grime. It dissolves contamination and ensures a safe and scratch-free wash afterwards. It’s the first choice product after every summer-evening ride. Q²M Bug&Grime works fast and effective and is wax-safe / coating safe at the same time.

Product Features and Benefits

  • Powerful formula to remove stubborn insect and grime residue
  • Safe for use on all exterior surfaces, including paint, glass, and trim
  • Easy to use - simply spray on and rinse off
  • Leaves a clean and streak-free finish

Q²M Bug&Grime is a strong, ready-to-use product, that has been developed to dissolve insects, bugs and road grime stains in a fast and safe way. Just a single application and rinsing with an effective pressure washer will remove most of the visible contamination, even old and resistant stains. Despite its strength, Q²M Bug&Grime is safe for all types of paintwork, quartz coatings and most waxes!

Q²M Bug&Grime can be used as a strong and effective pre-spray during the first steps of a thorough wash. Just leave it on the surface and then rinse it off. At the same time, it’s a fantastic aid during a more intensive cleaning process and will remove old and heavily settled dirt while agitated with a gentle brush. Use Q²M Bug&Grime as the ultimate pre-wash product on heavily contaminated areas. Use only on cold paint, never in direct sunlight or on a warm car. Do not let the product dry.



Step 1: Pre-Wash Your Vehicle

Before using the Gyeon Q2M Bug & Grime Remover, pre-wash your vehicle with water to remove any loose dirt and debris. This will help ensure that the solution is able to penetrate and break down the tougher contaminants.

Step 2: Spray the Solution

Spray the Gyeon Q2M Bug & Grime Remover directly onto the surface you will be working on. Be sure to cover the entire area thoroughly, especially any areas with heavy bug or grime buildup.

Step 3: Allow to Dwell

Allow the solution to dwell on the surface for 3-5 minutes, depending on the severity of the contamination. This will allow the solution to penetrate and break down the bugs and grime, making them easier to remove.

Step 4: Agitate with a Microfiber Towel

Using a high-quality microfiber towel, agitate the surface gently in a circular motion. This will help to loosen and remove the bugs and grime from the surface.

Step 5: Rinse Thoroughly

Rinse the surface thoroughly with water to remove any remaining solution and contaminants. Use a pressure washer if possible to ensure a thorough rinse.

Step 6: Dry the Surface

Dry the surface using a clean microfiber towel or a blower. This will help to prevent water spots from forming on the surface.

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