Gyeon Q2 ONE 30ml

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Gyeon Quartz Q2 One is Gyeon’s entry level ceramic coating, designed for the novice who might have previously been accustomed to using waxes or synthetic sealants. Q2 One was formulated to offer incredibly easy application and removal, while offering great durability and affordability.

Q2 ONE is as easy to apply as a wax, glossy and wet like a synthetic sealant, except much more durable and chemical-resistant as a coating. As expected, Q2 ONE offers incredible hydrophobic (water beading) properties and produces a contact angle greater then 100 degrees. It also provides a strong chemical resistance

Gyeon’s Q2 ONE Coating such as the other coatings will make your maintenance and cleaning much quicker, easier, and lessen the risk of damage to the paint surface due to the self-cleaning abilities repelling dirt, grime and debris. Thus keeping your car cleaner and shinier for longer!

It is expected the longevity of Q2 ONE to be up to 12 months, with the ability to add a secondary layer or maintain with Wetcoat or Bathe+ that may extend its life to 12+ months easily. A 30ml Kit will be ideally enough to coat one vehicle (such as a Golf or Focus), and a 50ml Kit would be ideal to multi-layer or do larger coat one vehicle, with a larger 50ml bottle available additional layers/vehicles.

Note: Once the bottle is opened, the curing process begins. Do not leave dropper attached to bottle - use screw cap as provided, and be sure to use coating within a 6-8 of opening and store in a cool area away from heat or humidity.

Not interested in applying this yourself? Feel free to email CCP and we can help you find an Gyeon Certified Detailer / Applicator in your City that offers a Professional Series of Coatings such as GYEON Q2 Duraflex, MOHS+ and Durabead  that comes with a 5 Year Warranty. 

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