Gtechniq W3 Ceramic G-Wash 500ml

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GTECHNIQ Ceramic G-Wash is a specialized shampoo designed to maintain and enhance the performance of ceramic coatings on your vehicle. Its advanced formula ensures a gentle yet effective cleaning process while boosting ceramic protection.

This shampoo is specifically formulated for use on vehicles with ceramic coatings. It not only cleans the surfaces but also rejuvenates the ceramic layer, enhancing its hydrophobic properties and gloss.


  • Care for Ceramic Coatings: GTECHNIQ Ceramic G-Wash is engineered to provide thorough cleaning while preserving the integrity and performance of ceramic coatings on your vehicle.

  • Enhanced Protection: The formula contains ceramic additives that refresh and reinforce the hydrophobic properties of the coating, ensuring water beads and rolls off effectively.

  • Gentle Cleaning: This shampoo's pH-neutral and non-abrasive formula prevents scratching or damaging the ceramic layer, allowing for safe and effective cleaning.

  • Streak-Free Shine: GTECHNIQ Ceramic G-Wash rinses off cleanly, leaving behind a streak-free and glossy finish that complements the ceramic coating's appearance.

  • Long-Lasting Results: By using a shampoo specifically designed for ceramic coatings, you prolong the longevity of the coating's protective and aesthetic properties.

  • Extreme Dirt Repellency

  • Up to 3 months protection

  • Safe for matt and satin finishes

Step 1: Prepare Your Washing Supplies

Gather all your washing supplies, including GTECHNIQ Ceramic G-Wash, buckets, microfiber wash mitts, and a hose.

Step 2: Rinse the Vehicle

Start by rinsing your vehicle with water to remove loose dirt and debris from the surface.

Step 3: Dilute Ceramic G-Wash

Dilute GTECHNIQ Ceramic G-Wash according to the manufacturer's instructions. Generally, mix a small amount of Ceramic G-Wash with water in a bucket.

Step 4: Wash the Vehicle

Follow these steps to wash your vehicle using GTECHNIQ Ceramic G-Wash:

  1. Submerge a microfiber wash mitt in the Ceramic G-Wash solution and allow it to soak.
  2. Starting from the top of the vehicle, gently wash one section at a time using the mitt.
  3. Use straight motions and light pressure to remove dirt and grime without causing scratches.
  4. Rinse the mitt in a separate bucket of clean water before returning to the Ceramic G-Wash solution.
  5. Continue washing in sections, working your way down the vehicle.

Step 5: Rinse and Dry

After washing, thoroughly rinse the vehicle with clean water to remove any remaining soap residue.

Use a clean, high-quality microfiber towel to dry the vehicle, starting from the top and working your way down.

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