Duragloss Rain Repel Glass Cleaner 650mL

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Duragloss Rain Repel is a revolution in a bottle. This amazing spray is formulated to clean glass without streaking and leave a protective coating which will repel water.

It is a pH-balanced blend of cleaners and siloxanes which cleans road film, bugs and residue from glass surfaces, while imparting a water-repellent treatment.

Great for really cleaning glass after or in between washing, it can also be used in your windshield washer reservoir to maintain repellency.

Exterior use only.

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When you think of rain repellent products with cleaners you wonder how effective they are, i know we do!

Duragloss Rain Repel can be used either as a weekly or bi-weekly exterior glass cleaner to help repel water for clearer vision in the wet, also as a washer fluid additive (which works incredibly well also) or even as a topper/cleaner for your existing rain repellent coating that you may have.

The Duragloss Rain repel is a spray on wipe off style glass cleaner with added water repelling additives. There is nothing else you need to do with it to protect your pride and joys clear and clean windows.

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