Car Care Products 2 Bucket Sticker Set

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These Bucket Sticker Sets allows you to easily identify which bucket to use in “The Two Bucket Wash Method”, ensuring you not confuse which bucket is for your rinse, or your paintwork! These tough, durable and clear stickers are designed with a thick weatherproof vinyl adhesive laminate that you can attach to your favourite buckets. *2 Options Below;* Option 1: 1x "Wash" Bucket Sticker 1x "Rinse" Bucket Sticker Options 2: 1x "Wash" Bucket Sticker 1x "Rinse" Bucket Sticker 1x "Wheels" Bucket Sticker *Please choose on your right hand side on the 'drop down bar' if you would like a 2 Sticker Set, or a 3 Sticker Set.*
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