Autosol Metal Polish 75mL Tube

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Use on chrome, aluminium, stainless steel , brass, copper, and other bright metals. Its high polishing strength makes it ideal for restoring weathered and corroded metals to a high gloss shine. Many polishes, after removing the surface oxides, leave the metal bare and exposed to environmental attacks, but Autosol leaves a water-repelling film to protect from further tarnishing and oxidation.

Product Features and Benefits

  • Removes rust, oxidation and discoloration
  • Cleans and polishes metal surfaces
  • Leaves a protective film to prevent tarnishing
  • Easy to apply and buff off
  • Suitable for use on a variety of metal surfaces

Autosol Metal Polish is a high-quality metal polish that effectively removes rust, oxidation and discoloration from metal surfaces. It also cleans and polishes the metal, leaving a protective film that prevents tarnishing and corrosion.

With over 90 years of experience, Autosol has become the trusted choice of professionals and enthusiasts worldwide. This metal polish is easy to apply and buff off, making it ideal for use on a variety of metal surfaces, including chrome, brass, copper, stainless steel and more.

Whether you're restoring a classic car or simply want to maintain the shine of your metal surfaces, Autosol Metal Polish is the perfect solution.

Step 1: Preparation

Before using Autosol Metal Polish, ensure that the surface you wish to polish is dry and clean. Remove any dirt or debris from the surface using a soft cloth or brush.

Step 2: Application

Apply a small amount of Autosol Metal Polish to a soft cloth or applicator pad. Rub the polish onto the surface in a circular motion, applying light pressure.

Step 3: Polishing

Continue to rub the polish onto the surface until the desired shine is achieved. For stubborn stains or blemishes, use a bit more pressure and continue rubbing until the stain is removed.

Step 4: Final Touches

Once you have polished the surface, use a clean, soft cloth to buff away any excess polish and reveal a stunning shine. If necessary, repeat the process until the surface is completely clean and polished.

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