XPEL Paint Protection Film Sealant

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XPEL Film Sealant is an acrylic polymer product that is purpose-made for protecting any aliphatic urethane paint protection film.

Attaching itself at a molecular level, the sealant forms a hardened barrier when exposed to UV light. By sealing off the pores in the film, the sealant will reduce absorption of pollutants, tar, and pollen; as well as staining due acid rain, hard water and bugs by 90%. Because this product is engineered specifically for Aliphatic Polyurethane, it is much more durable on Paint Protection Film than other waxes and polishes.

Apply XPEL Film Sealant monthly for maximum protection.

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To Apply this sealant, make sure you have washed and dried your car and that the film is free of any contamients. Simply wipe onto a section with a foam applicator pad using overlapping circular motions. Once area is done, allow to cure for appox 30min then wipe off with a clean mcrofibre towel ensring you use a fresh section for the final wipe.

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