Stoner XENIT 296mL

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Stoner XENIT is a natural citrus based cleaner that removes stains, adhesive, gum, grease, crayon, ink, shoe scuffs, grime, lipstick and many more accidents. XENIT will work on almost any surface to remove virtually any gunk with its intense natural citrus cleaning solvents. XENIT contains no soap or water and will quickly dissolve the stickiest and toughest stains with its unique MicroActive cleaning ability. Just spray, and simply wipe away leaving you with a pleasant citrus scent. This powerful cleaner will also disinfect, help kill germs and odours while it cleans. Use XENIT for the quickest and safest way to remove almost any mark, grease or gunk from practically any surface without leaving behind any sticky residue it is safe for use on most paints, plastics, upholstery, glass, metal and more.
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