Speciality Brands Wheel Woolies Wheel Brush Twin Kit

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The NEW Wheel Woolies Wheel Brush are the ultimate tools for cleaning your wheels – inside and out. Instead of bristles, like most brushes, these offer ultra-soft polypropylene fibre heads combined with non-scratch polypropylene handles. This means that they are one of the safest and most effective ways to clean to clean your wheels.

Especially good for cleaning delicate rims, the Wheel Woolies construction is 100% metal free, making them very safe for all surfaces but as well as ultra-soft, they are ultra-durable making them very long lasting. The generous length of the large Woolie easily cleans even the deepest wheel designs, and the medium Woolie allows you to get in the more intricate and tighter areas such as the spokes and even between your brake calipers with ease due to the longer handle.

This new CCP Twin Wheel Woolies Kit are supplied with 2 brushes, a Large and a Medium. You may also find that they are perfect for cleaning a number of other hard-to-reach areas; door jams, surrounds, engine bays and even plastic grills.

Our Wheel Woolies Twin kit contains two brushes;

1x Large Brush: 48cm in total length – Brush size 15cm Long, 10cm in width.

1x Medium Brush: 35cm in total length – Brush size 10cm long, 4cm in width

Please note: this is the NEW Wheel Woolies with improved cleaning heads, a longer easy-grip rubberised handle and up-sized head for the Medium Woolie along with stiffer handles to making reaching through those deep rims easy. (It is NOT the regular Wheel Woolies!)

For best results:

Rinse your wheel first, preferably with a high pressure cleaner. Spray on the wheel cleaner of your choice and gently work the surfaces of your rim with a combination of the Wheel Woolies to free the dirt and brake dust from all areas. If your wheels are very dirty, we would recommend rinsing the Woolies as you clean. Once you have finished a wheel, rinse the rim clean and also rinse the Wheel Woolies, before moving to the next wheel. Once you have finished, make sure the Wheel Woolies are rinsed clean and allow to dry naturally.

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