Duragloss Wax Eraser 118mL

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Duragloss Wax Eraser is formulated to remove wax and polish residues.

If you have ever just strayed onto some plastic trim or bumpers with a white chalky polish or wax you know how irritating it is and bad it makes the overall finished look. You will also know how hard it is to remove.

The Duragloss Wax Eraser can be easily wipe over both textured and smooth surfaces to erase the white, chalky residues and leaving the surface clean and like new.

Car Care Products Australia Review

A great product that is a must in every detailers and enthusiasts kit. The wax or polish residue is an age old problem and this handy little product is the perfect solution – does what it says on the bottle!

Simply push down the sponge tip applicator and wipe over the surface to be cleaned, then wipe off with a clean cloth. Leaving a clean surface to be finished with the trim dressing of your choice.

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