Duragloss Water Spot Remover 650mL

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Duragloss Water Spot Remover is a proprietary formula, which safely removes water spots. These are usually caused by calcium and magnesium deposits found in most tap water, which dry onto the car leaving unsightly marks and white rings, if not removed these mineral deposits can start to etch into the paint and cause permanent damage.

Water Spot Remover will not remove water spots or stains that have actually etched into paint or glass, such as those from acid rain or bird droppings.

Duragloss Water Spot Remover should be sprayed onto clean paintwork, and wiped away while wet with a soft microfibre cloth, on small areas at a time e.g. a door. This product will not remove the protection of durable polishes such as Duragloss Total Performance or Clear Coat Polish.

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