Gyeon Q2M Water Spot 500mL

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Gyeon Q2M WaterSpot is the latest in the new innovate products from Gyeon, which will help maintain your Gyeon Quartz and other coatings from water spots in the first few weeks, especially in unavoidable harsh weather conditions.

Q2M Waterspot advantage is that it is completely safe to use on most paint protection coatings. Occasionally incorrectly cured or poor maintenance water spots become evident and are hard or unable to be removed from the coating. WaterSpot does not affect or damage the coating, but simply removes these undesirable water spot defects by a quick wipe over without the need of abrasive polishes or reapplication of your coating.

Wash your car using 2-Bucket-Method with a pH Neutral Car Wash Shampoo such as Gyeon Q2M Bathe.

Rinse thoroughly and dry. Spray onto the affected surface and wipe off with a soft microfibre cloth. For heavier staining spray directly onto the surface and allow 1 minute before wiping the surface to remove.

Gyeon Q2M WaterSpot Remover from Car Care Products on Vimeo.

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