Duragloss Tyre & Rubber Dressing 1.9L

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Duragloss Tyre & Rubber Dressing is a unique formula designed to give tyres and rubber surfaces a rich, long lasting treatment.

It contains a blend of durable synthetic polymers designed to give tyres a ‘new look’, whilst forming a polymeric coating on the surface of rubber, that will not wash off when it rains.

It prevents against ‘browning’ and cracking of all types of tyres including white walls, whilst offering good durability.

The Duragloss tyre and rubber dressing is applied either via a foam applicator or a cloth, We recommend using the foam applicator to put a small line along and then rub over the tyre, adding more of the dressing as you need.

If you do it this way you shouldn't need to wipe any excess off afterwards.

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