Dr. Beasley's Tyre Conditioner

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Dr. Beasley’s Tire Conditioner offers more than most typical tyre dressings on the market. Not only does it contain UV blockers and moisturisers to help prevent your tyres from fading, cracking, greying and drying out, it will also bring your tyres back to life with a perfect amount of a deep semi-gloss finish. This Tyre Dressing is water based, contains no solvents that could damage the rubber and keeps your tyres from looking tired and grey from the Australian sun. For those who know how important that final step of having their tyres dressed, this tyre conditioner will definitely impress and leave you with that perfect semi-gloss deep finish for your car, 4wd or caravan. *How to use:* It is always recommended to clean your tyre thoroughly with an APC or wheel cleaner prior to remove any old product, dirt, dust and other contaminants before applying a new tyre dressing. Once your tyres are clean and dry, use a small amount on a foam applicator and wipe over the tyres sidewall. Multiple layers can achieve a higher gloss finish if desired.

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