Dodo Juice Two Birds - Supernatural and Lime Prime Lite

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1 x Dodo Juice Lime Prime Lite 250mL   + $0.00 $249.93
1 x Dodo Juice Supernatural Wax 200mL   + $0.00 $249.93
1 x Mint Microfibre Ultra Cloth   + $0.00 $249.93
1 x Mint Microfibre Deluxe Applicator Pad   + $0.00 $249.93
1 x Mint Foam Wax Applicator   + $0.00 $249.93
1 x Mint Microfibre Premium Cloth   + $0.00 $249.93
1 x Dodo Juice Supernatural Finger Mitt Single   + $0.00 $249.93
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Dodo Juice Two Birds - Supernatural and Lime Prime Lite
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This collection from Dodo Juice features the essential products for you to get the most from your premium wax and is designed for both; paint finishes that have just been polished, new or perfect paints that just need to be sealed and protected using Dodo Juice Lime Prime Lite or paint finishes that need a little improvement first, to remove swirls or light scratches with Dodo Juice Lime Prime.

Before waxing, to gain that perfect gloss and shine, you need to prepare the paint surface correctly to make sure your wax bonds to the surface evenly and well. By using a per-wax cleanser and ensuring the surface is free from impurities, it not only improves the overall finish but increases the life of the wax on your car.

Supernatural is an enhanced formula that contains a superior percentage of the highest grade carnauba wax, maximising the purity of the core ingredients. Dodo Juice are confident that this wax is their ‘best ever’ and that it will compete with waxes costing hundreds or thousands of pounds for many years to come. For very best results layer wax, preferably after 24 hour intervals.

The combination of applicators and cloths allows easy application and removal of the Lime Lite or Prime and the Dodo Juice Supernatural Wax giving you a fantastic finish to the paint work that will give your car the ultimate shine, depth and protection.

Note that discounts do not apply to this product

Dodo Juice always recommends using their Pre-Wax Cleaner Lime Prime to prepare paint ready to accept their premium waxes, if your paint needs a little help to remove some oxidation, light scratches or swirl marks. For recently polished, perfect or new finishes use Lime Prime Lite.

Image NameQty
Dodo Juice Lime Prime Lite 250mL1
Dodo Juice Supernatural Wax 200mL1
Mint Microfibre Ultra Cloth1
Mint Microfibre Deluxe Applicator Pad1
Mint Foam Wax Applicator1
Mint Microfibre Premium Cloth1
Dodo Juice Supernatural Finger Mitt Single1
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