2 Buckets+ Grit Guard Insert & Washboard + Dolly's & Connecting Plate

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2 x Car Care Products 15L Bucket & Lid 15L   + $0.00 $260.92
1 x Grit Guard Bucket Insert   + $0.00 $260.92
1 x Grit Guard Washboard Bucket Insert   + $0.00 $260.92
2 x Grit Guard Bucket Dolly   + $0.00 $260.92
1 x Grit Guard Dual-Bucket Dolly Connecting Plate   + $0.00 $260.92
1 x Car Care Products Bucket Sticker Set 2 Sticker Set   + $0.00 $260.92
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2 Buckets+ Grit Guard Insert & Washboard + Dolly's & Connecting Plate
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he new Grit Guard Bucket Dolly System gives you the ability to freely move your 2 Bucket’s around your car during the wash process, eliminating the chance of tripping, kicking over or having to carry the buckets regularly around the vehicle whilst washing.

The 5 Wheel Grit Guard Wash Dolly is constructed of a heavy duty thick moulded plastic with metal castors (wheels). It can hold up to 250 pounds, and supports any 8-20 litre round bucket securely with three thumb screws that are adjustable for all types of diameter buckets*.

Each Dolly contains locking mechanisms on the castors that will prevent any chance of your buckets rolling away. These durable metal castors also glide easily over almost any surface and give the buckets unlimited manoeuvrability and shorten your wash times.

The Grit Guard Bucket Dolly can be used for many jobs around the house. Use the Dolly to easily move a 10-15 litre bucket of paint or concrete to help with home-improvement projects. No wash bucket is complete without the Grit Guard Bucket Dolly Wash System!

Combined is the original Grit Guard to defend against wash-induced swirls and spider webbing, 2 Buckets; 1 for Washing, 1 for Rinsing and the 2 Dolly’s for your Buckets to easily manoeuvre around safely and quickly on the rugged-five wheel dolly that can easily glide over almost any surface.

The Dolly will hold up to 150 pounds and caters for 10-18 L round buckets and has 5 heavy duty castor wheels with a quick locking mechanism to help avoid any chance of rolling or losing your buckets down your driveway.

The Grit Guard ensures the contaminants from your mitt, will fall to the bottom of the bucket and stay there thanks to the four quadrant design of the Grit Guard insert. The four quadrants prevent the water at the bottom of the bucket from becoming unsettled so dirt cannot rise to the top. The wash water stays clean and separate from the dirty water at the bottom of the bucket.

What is the Two Bucket Method? – Normally, you wash a section of your car and then dip your wash mitt into the bucket of wash shampoo. Immediately you continue to wash the next section, however without realising the dirt you have wiped off is still on the same mitt being transferred back to the new area creating ‘spider webbing’ and ‘swirls’ into your car’s paintwork; these marks after a couple washes start to hide the gloss, clarity and depth of your cars paint!

Using the Two Bucket Method, dip your Microfibre or Lambswool Mitt into your bucket labelled Wash with your favourite pH Neutral Wash Shampoo. Wash one section, once complete, dip your Mitt into the bucket labelled Rinse with your Grit Guard to release and separate the dirt safely. Follow back to your Wash Bucket to get fresh soap and water and continue to wash the next panel, repeat until you have completed your scratch, swirl and spider web free 2 Bucket Method Wash.

For a final step, add in a quality Quick Detailer (QD) such as Dodo Juice Red Mist, Duragloss Fast Clean & Shine or any other favourite product to add that final amount of gloss and bling to your paint! And don’t forget to dress those tyres!

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Car Care Products 15L Bucket & Lid 15L2
Grit Guard Bucket Insert1
Grit Guard Washboard Bucket Insert1
Grit Guard Bucket Dolly2
Grit Guard Dual-Bucket Dolly Connecting Plate1
Car Care Products Bucket Sticker Set 2 Sticker Set1
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