Duragloss Total Performance Polish 473mL

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Duragloss 105 Total Performance Polish is an ‘All In One’ that contains cleaning agents to lightly cleanse your paintwork, and leave a durable high gloss wet look finish. However the real benefit of this sealant type polish is the super tough coating that remains for on-going protection on your car, in fact better than any ‘off the shelf’ type of brand found in automotive stores!

It has a blend of synthetic polymers and waxes, which form a very long lasting coating, offering protection against bird droppings, bugs, tree sap and even alkaline detergents used by most commercial car washes. Just one coat can last for up to 12 months and provide a great shine to your paintwork.

Designed to cut down the time needed to clean your paintwork, lightly polish and leave long lasting protection in one easy application. Duragloss design their polish to provide ‘A gloss so deep the finish appears wet!’ and with incredible ease of application – you can apply in either sun or shade, this polish delivers results.

Car Care Products Australia Review

105 Total Performance Polish (even though not a polish and a sealant!) leaves your car with an incredible long lasting durable glassy/wet look shine. This bottle alone can do at least 8 cars++ with 6+ months protection! The finish and slickness it leaves is amazing and wouldn't disappoint anyone with a new or old car. Combine with Duragloss 601 Polish Bonding Agent for optimal durability. Great option for those who aren't interested in re-applying a wax every 3-4 months!

For best results we recommend using Duragloss 601 Bonding Agent which will not only clean and prepare the surface for 105 Total Performance Polish, but also provide more durability, protection and a wetter finish.

Simply apply with the applicator to the whole car, allow to haze and buff off using a quality microfibre cloth.

For very best results use as part of the Duragloss Car Care system and wash regularly with Duragloss Car Wash Concentrate . To enhance and protect your car’s paintwork even further use Duragloss AquaWax when drying or after washing.

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