Swissvax Waschpudel

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The Swissvax Waschpudel is a new safer way to wash your car, versus the tradition sponge. It features a soft deep pile that is designed so that particles of dirt are drawn safely away from surfaces that are being washed. In addition, because this pile is fairly loose, the same particles of dirt can be easily rinsed out after each panel is washed.

Taking dirt off your car’s paintwork safely is the key to reducing the amount of swirl marks and wash marks, the Waschpudel is a new product from Swissvax to do this, especially when combined with a quality lubricating wash shampoo like Car Bath. When used with the 2 Bucket Wash Method the dirt is drawn into the long fibres away from the surface and then easily rinsed out afterwards.

Using a traditional sponge to wash your car will inevitably cause damage to the bodywork, because no matter how careful and thorough you are you will always trap dirt and grime between the face of the sponge and underlying surfaces as you move the sponge around. Swissvax has therefore always recommended that enthusiasts’ use a wash implement with a ‘deep pile’ instead, and preferably one that can be machine washed after each use. This is how the Swissvax Waschpudel was created – a cross between a traditional sponge and a deep pile towel, merging the practical handling characteristics of a sponge with the safety offered by a machine washable deep pile towel.

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