Dodo Juice Supernatural Micro Prime 250mL

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Dodo Juice Supernatural Micro Prime is the perfect pre-wax cleanser offering unparalleled ability to clean and prepare the paint for a quality carnauba wax. Offering the latest in micro-abrasive technology it can remove light swirls or holograms, especially when used with a machine polisher, to add real depth and gloss to your paint.

It is ideal for single stage paints, removing light oxidation and renewing the shine, while also being exceptional for clear coats, by developing the clarity allowing metallic flake to ‘pop’ and deep colours to radiate through.

Dodo Juice Supernatural Micro Prime delivers new levels of ‘ultra-fine’ micro-abrasives combined with advanced lubricating oils, making it the perfect choice for soft or sticky paints that normally mar easily, or are hard to develop a perfect finish on.

For best results: can be used by hand or for excellent results, use with an RO Polisher. Shake bottle well and use a small amount on a soft foam finishing or applicator pad, work over a small section 50cm x 50cm well and then wipe off using a super soft microfibre cloth.

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