Dodo Juice Supernatural Acrylic Spritz 250mL

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Dodo Juice Supernatural Acrylic Spritz is a new innovation in quick detailer, sealant technology; it is a water based spray, but with the toughness of acrylic. This spray sealant offers a new level in protection, it is strong enough to use as a standalone paint protection, or perfect as a booster over the top of the Dodo Juice Waxes.

Because this spray is solvent-free it can be used over fresh wax layers without the fear of streaking, smearing or affecting the wax in any way. Dodo Juice Supernatural Acrylic Spritz is remarkably easy to apply and is perfect for most exterior surfaces including trim, wheels and glass.

Dodo Juice Supernatural Acrylic Spritz offers amazing durability with even a single coat lasting months, not weeks like a lot of other cheaper sprays. Coupled with a fantastic shine this acrylic spray sealant offers both looks and protection, making it versatile enough to use post-wash, after applying a fresh coat of wax or straight on bare surfaces to give it instant protection.

For best results: ensure the surface is clean and dry, then lightly mist over the surface and wipe dry with a soft, plush microfibre cloth.

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