Stjarnagloss Wheel and Tyre Kit

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1 x Mint Tire Scrub Brush   + $0.00 $85.95
1 x Stjarnagloss Hjul Wheel Cleaner 500ml   + $0.00 $85.95
1 x Stjarnagloss Gummi Trim and Tyre Dressing 500ml   + $0.00 $85.95
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Stjarnagloss Wheel and Tyre Kit

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The Stjarnagloss Wheel and Tyre Kit is the perfect combination of products giving you everything you need to clean and maintain your cars wheels & tyres on a regular basis.

Product Features and Benefits:

  • High-quality products for effective and safe wheel and tyre cleaning
  • Wheel cleaner removes brake dust, dirt, and grime without damaging the finish
  • Tyre dressing restores a deep black finish and provides UV protection
  • Gentle yet powerful cleaning solutions for a brilliant shine
  • Enhances the appearance of wheels and tyres, giving your vehicle a showroom look
  • Easy-to-use process for achieving outstanding cleaning and shine
  • Includes all necessary materials for a complete wheel and tyre treatment

The Stjarnagloss Wheel and Tyre Kit is your ultimate solution for maintaining clean and stunning wheels and tyres on your vehicle. This comprehensive kit features high-quality cleaning and dressing products designed to deliver professional-grade results without the need for multiple products.

Prepare your wheels for a thorough cleaning with the Stjarnagloss Wheel Cleaner. This effective wheel cleaner is specially formulated to remove tough brake dust, dirt, and grime without harming the finish of your wheels. It ensures that your wheels look their best and are ready to turn heads on the road.

After cleaning the wheels, give your tyres the attention they deserve with the Stjarnagloss Tyre Dressing. This dressing restores a deep black finish to your tyres and provides UV protection, preventing them from cracking and fading due to sun exposure. It leaves your tyres looking fresh and well-maintained.

No matter what type of wheels and tyres you have, the Stjarnagloss Wheel and Tyre Kit is gentle and safe for all surfaces, ensuring a thorough and safe cleaning process without any damage.

Enhance the appearance of your vehicle with the Stjarnagloss Wheel and Tyre Kit. The products in this kit leave a brilliant shine, giving your wheels and tyres that showroom-ready look that will make your vehicle stand out.

Cleaning your wheels and tyres has never been easier. The Stjarnagloss Wheel and Tyre Kit's user-friendly process allows you to achieve outstanding results without any hassle. The kit includes all the necessary materials for a complete wheel and tyre treatment, giving you everything you need to keep your vehicle looking its best.

Indulge your vehicle with the Stjarnagloss Wheel and Tyre Kit. Elevate your driving experience and enjoy the satisfaction of rolling on wheels and tyres that look as good as new.

The Kit contains the following:

Stjarnagloss Hjul Wheel Cleaner – It’s a thicker recipe for a bit more dwell time and contains soap to remove general road grime, as well as the active ingredient that removes ferrous brake debris

Stjarnagloss Gummi Trim and Tyre Dressing – Gummi is the perfect consistency for applying to tyres and trim – a light blue cream that glides onto rubber and plastic surfaces quickly and easily. You’ll never use too much or feel it dripping down the paintwork you’ve just polished.

Mint Microfibre Wheel Brush - Specially shaped to allow you to clean even the tightest of areas of your wheels. Made from a long pile microfibre cover over a foam core, and half as thick as standard wheel brushes.

Mint Tyre Brush - Designed to ergonomically with nylon bristles that's really comfortable & easy to use. It's the perfect stiffness to clean off built up old tyre coatings, grime and general contaminants.

Mint Foam Applicator – Works well with tyre dressings to wipe on and ensure a nice consistent result.

  1. Ensure that the wheels and tyres are cool to the touch before cleaning.

  2. Wear the provided gloves to protect your hands during the cleaning process.

  3. Spray the Stjarnagloss Wheel Cleaner directly onto the wheel's surface, ensuring full coverage.

  4. Allow the wheel cleaner to dwell on the surface for a few minutes to loosen brake dust and grime.

  5. For heavily soiled areas, use a soft-bristled brush to agitate the cleaner and lift stubborn dirt.

  6. Rinse off the wheel cleaner thoroughly using a pressure washer or hose.

  7. For the tyres, ensure they are dry and clean before applying the Stjarnagloss Tyre Dressing.

  8. Apply the tyre dressing evenly onto the tyre sidewalls using an applicator sponge.

  9. Allow the tyre dressing to dry completely before driving the vehicle.

  10. Store the kit in a cool, dry place, away from extreme temperatures and direct sunlight.
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Mint Foam Wax Applicator1
Mint Tire Scrub Brush1
Stjarnagloss Hjul Wheel Cleaner 500ml1
Stjarnagloss Gummi Trim and Tyre Dressing 500ml1
Mint Microfibre Wheel Brush1
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