SONAX PROFILINE CC One Hybrid Coating 50ml

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SONAX PROFILINE Hybrid Coating CC ONE is a professional paint sealant in the form of a ceramic coating for your car. The SONAX Hybrid Coating gives car paint extra shine, depth, reflection and protection for up to 15 months. 

SONAX has devel­oped a powerful weapon to keep the unique look of the paint shiny. Modern paint is an extremely condensed chem­ical system. Its mole­cules are held together by strong atomic bonds that form during curing. With the one-step Hybrid Coating CC One, SONAX has devel­oped a real team player that effec­tively strengthens this force field. SONAX Hybrid Coating CC One acti­vates the cohe­sion of the forces and opti­mises their effect – with just one appli­ca­tion.

Product Features and Benefits

  • Provides up to 12 months of protection against environmental contaminants
  • Hydrophobic properties repel water and prevent dirt buildup
  • Easy to apply with a dual layering system for maximum effectiveness
  • Resistant to UV rays, chemicals, and scratches
  • Enhances the shine and color of your car's paintwork

SONAX PROFILINE Hybrid Coating CC ONE is a high-performance ceramic coating that provides long-lasting protection for your car's paintwork. It uses a dual layering system that creates a strong, durable bond with the surface of your car, providing up to 15 months of protection against environmental contaminants, UV rays, chemicals, and scratches. The hydrophobic properties of this coating repel water, preventing dirt buildup and making it easier to clean your car.

Applying SONAX PROFILINE Hybrid Coating CC ONE is easy and straightforward. Simply apply the first layer evenly over the surface of your car, and allow it to dry for 5-10 minutes. Then, apply the second layer in the same manner, and allow it to dry for at least 2 hours. This dual layering system ensures maximum effectiveness and provides a smooth, even finish. Once applied, this coating enhances the shine and color of your car's paintwork, giving it a showroom-quality finish.

Overall, SONAX PROFILINE Hybrid Coating CC ONE is an excellent choice for anyone looking for long-lasting protection and a high-gloss finish for their car's paintwork. Its easy-to-use dual layering system and exceptional performance make it one of the best ceramic coatings on the market.

Step 1: Prepare the Surface

Start by preparing the surface you want to apply the coating to. Ensure that the surface is clean, dry, and free from any contaminants such as dirt, grease, or wax. Wash the vehicle thoroughly and clay bar the surface if necessary.

Step 2: Work in a Well-Ventilated Area

It is important to work in a well-ventilated area to ensure proper air circulation during the application process. This helps to minimize the inhalation of fumes and promotes faster drying of the coating.

Step 3: Wear Protective Gloves

Before starting the application, put on protective gloves to avoid resudue on your hands.

Step 4: Apply the SONAX PROFILINE CC One Hybrid Coating

Shake the SONAX PROFILINE CC One Hybrid Coating bottle well to ensure proper mixing of the product. Apply a few drops of the coating onto a foam applicator pad or a coating sponge. Use a small amount at a time to prevent wastage.

Step 5: Apply the Coating in a Crosshatch Pattern

Start applying the SONAX PROFILINE CC One Hybrid Coating in a crosshatch pattern, working on a small section at a time. Apply light and even pressure while moving the applicator pad or sponge in straight lines horizontally and then vertically.

Step 6: Level the Coating

After applying the coating to a section, use a clean and high-quality microfiber towel to gently level the applied coating. Wipe in straight lines in one direction to ensure even coverage and a smooth finish. Continue this process for each section of the vehicle.

Step 7: Check for Uniform Coverage

Inspect each section after leveling to ensure uniform coverage. Look for any missed spots or areas with uneven coating. If necessary, reapply the coating and level again to achieve a consistent and uniform appearance.

Step 8: Allow the Coating to Cure

Allow the SONAX PROFILINE CC One Hybrid Coating to cure for the recommended time as specified by the manufacturer. Avoid contact with water, rain, or any liquids during the curing process to ensure the best bonding and durability of the coating.

Step 9: Maintain the Coating

After the coating has cured, it is important to maintain it for long-lasting protection. Use a pH-neutral car wash soap and a gentle wash mitt or sponge for regular cleaning. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or harsh chemicals that can degrade the coating.

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