Sia Siaair 150mm P4000 (5pk)

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The professional's choice for flawless sanding and finishing. Achieve exceptional results with Sia Siaair Sanding Discs. For high-gloss varnishes and solid surfaces. The improved siaair technology is the key to a perfect finish in damp and dry sanding applications – whether it's scuffing, fine sanding or preparation for polishing.


  • Knitted fabric with foam backing. On the outside,the ingenious net-backed abrasive, in the middle the foam cushioning which equalizes the application pressure and on the inside the well proven siafast hook and loop fastening system. 


  • High stock removal rates and excellent finish
  • Low clogging in damp and dry sanding applications
  • Highly adaptable to contours, curves and profiles
  • Pressure-equalising foam gives perfect surface finish
  • Waterproof and washable
  • Resistant to silicon remover


  • Matt finishing of conventional old and new varnishes as well as composite materials
  • Fine sanding of primer filler in hard-to-reach areas
  • Producing a matt finish for blending
  • Preparation for polishing on high-gloss surfaces

When it comes to professional sanding and finishing, precision and quality matter. Sia Siaair Sanding Discs are the ultimate choice for professionals seeking exceptional results. These high-performance sanding discs are designed to deliver a uniform scratch pattern, ensuring consistent and flawless finishes on a wide range of surfaces. One of the standout features of Sia Siaair Sanding Discs is their long-lasting abrasive material. Whether you're working on wood, metal, or automotive projects, these discs are engineered to withstand the demands of professional use. This durability not only saves you time on frequent replacements but also ensures that each disc maintains its cutting edge for extended periods.

Efficiency is key in any workshop, and these sanding discs excel in dust extraction. By efficiently removing dust and debris, they contribute to a cleaner and healthier workspace. This not only improves your working conditions but also enhances the quality of your finishes by preventing dust from interfering with your work.

Sia Siaair Sanding Discs are available in various grits to suit different applications.


  • Dimensions: 150mm
  • Grit: 4000
  1. Choose the appropriate grit sanding disc for your project.

  2. Attach the disc securely to your sanding machine.

  3. If working on a dry surface, ensure it is clean and free of debris.

  4. If working on a wet surface, keep it lubricated with water.

  5. Turn on your sanding machine and apply even pressure to the workpiece.

  6. Move the sanding machine evenly and steadily to achieve a uniform scratch pattern.

  7. Check the progress frequently to achieve the desired finish.

  8. Remove the sanding disc and finish your project as desired.
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