Nanolex Si3D Ultra Paint Protection Kit


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Nanolex Si3D Ultra Paint Protection Kit is a very complete set for protecting your car with Nanolex paint coatings. The kit contains both Nanolex Si3D BC [base coat] and Si3D Coating, EX degreaser, SiFinish, cloths, applicator and suede wipes. Contents of the set: - Si3D BC 30ml - Si3D 30ml - EX Pre-coat spray 200ml - SiFinish Spray 100ml - Lotus microfiber towel (2x) - Suede Cloths (10x) - Applicator Block - Nitrile Gloves (2x) - Manual (English) Nanolex Si3D BC (Base Coat) is a semi-hydrophobic coating that has all the benefits of today's paint coatings, but with extra durability, hardness and perfect multi-layer coating for a phenomenal finish. The adhesion of Si3D BC is even stronger, allowing durability of 3 to 5 years and longer. Si3D BC is very easy to apply and therefore extremely suitable for fresh or sensitive lacquers. The solvents in the product evaporate slowly and give a problem-free installation of Si3D BC. As the name suggests (Base Coat), a topping of another coating such as Nanolex Si3D is necessary for creating beading and sheeting. Si3D BC will hardly drain water. Si3D BC can be used on lacquer and rims. Never use the product in the sun but always inside. Wash the applicator and dishcloths for use and allow them to dry completely. Consumption: 6ml / m² (~ 50ml for carroserie and rims). Instruction manual: Prepare the paint by washing, cleaning and polishing with a detailclay. Use the Nanolex Pre-Wash or any other degreasing shampoo to make sure that the polishing oils are removed as much as possible. This is crucial! Degreases the lacquer with Nanolex EX. If the substrate is not well defatted, the product will leave a haze. Then stop immediately and degrease the paintwork again. Spend Si3D BC sparingly through an applicator wrapped suede wipe and divide it with light pressure in criss-cross movement across the panel to allow for optimal distribution. Continue to divide the product until almost nothing is visible and remove the lacquer with a Lotus microfiber cloth. If you want to use multiple layers, please wait at least 1 hour before treating the same panel. Treat the paint with Nanolex Si3D after the last layer of Si3D BC. *Si3D:* Nanolex Si3D complex matrix coating will also offer further resistance against abrasion caused during the washing process and is almost unaffected by most heavy chemical cleaners and alkaline washes, thus protecting your paint and keeping that new car shine for longer. Si3D Coating is unlike traditional protective coatings such as carnauba waxes and other polymer coatings that decrease in protection over a short time. Si3D will coat the paintwork with a durable long lasting layer that will help repel dirt, grime, dust and water, making it harder for contaminants to adhere to the surface. This will allow easier washing and maintenance with less abrasion due to minimal contaminants adhering to the paints surface. Please note: Best application temperature between 5 and 30 degrees Celsius. Wash all the cloths after use (purple Lotus and black wipes for use). Do not apply in direct sunlight or at high humidity. Shake and apply bottle well with an applicator or makeup pad in a criss-cross pattern. Ensure proper distribution of the product. Work panel per panel and remove the product immediately with new cloths. Tip: Use a second cloth to rub extra. This is very important as forgotten or unsupported product will cure and only be removed by polishing. The solvents in Si3D evaporate for 90% in the first 24 hours and the last 10% in a week. Preferably do not wash the car during this period. Bird cows can drop off immediately.
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