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Car Dryer Blower for Detailing Enthusiasts in Australia

Have you washed your car and need to dry water from hard to reach areas? Are you concerned that water spots or streaks will form after washing and detailing your car? Or maybe you want a touchless car drying method? We are the Australian Distributor for Metrovac and BLO Car Dryers and provide a 3 year warranty on all our car blow dryers. Using a car blower provides a quick way to dry your car and is the best option to protect your car paint from swirls or scratches. With a wide range of these excellent machines to choose from, discover our available options today.

Metrovac Bike & Car Dryer Blowers

At Car Care Products Australia, we stock the highest quality car dryer blower systems, including:

  • MetroVac Air Force Master Blaster Car Dryer – A MetroVac car blow dryer uses warm filtered air to remove water from otherwise inaccessible areas, delivering excellent results within just a few short minutes.
  • BLO Car Dryer has a single motor AIR-RS that is great for bikes and cars and can quickly and safely remove water from paintwork, wheels, grills, vents, door handles, engine bays and other stubborn areas.
  • BLO also has a twin-motor GT version that offers 8hp for huge car drying potential, larger cars, utes and boats. With an extra long hose and wheel base it can work its way around even large cars. 
  • All our touchless car blow dryer come with rubber non-scratch neoprene car blower nozzles for tighter spaces and an airflow streamer for drying larger panels after detailing.
  • MetroVac Sidekick SK1 – Perfect for a motorcycle to dry through every nook and cranny or can be combined with a soft microfibre drying towel for your car to get into those harder to reach areas such as lug nut holes, wheels, grills, vents, etc. Comes with rubber non-scratch neoprene car blower nozzles for tighter spaces and an airflow streamer for drying larger panels.


We also offer carbon brushes, foam filter replacements, extension hoses, vacuum bags, and other accessories for your Metrovac car air blower dryer.

The Benefits of Using a Car Dryer 

  • Completely touchless drying method to prevent car paint being scratched
  • The drying process should take less time
  • Great for removing dust and dirt from car exteriors and interiors 
  • Stops water streaks from affecting the finish of your paint
  • A car dryer is the safest way to dry your car 


Find Effective Car Dryers Today

Feel free to browse through our online store or visit a Car Care Products Australia showroom to view the car air dryer and car dust blower products we stock. You can also contact us by either calling 1300 006 007 or sending an email to info@carcareproducts.com.au. We’re happy to provide more information on our extensive range of the best car dryer blowers Australia wide.