Car Cleaning Products – Foams, Shampoos & More

Car Care Products Australia offers some of the best car washing and car cleaning products on the market. We stock high-quality products from leading brands such as Gyeon and Duragloss that will ensure that your car looks and stays clean, including both standard pH neutral washes and ceramic restoring washes. Not only do these products create a perfect finish, but they also make washing your car so much easier with hydrophobic boosters.

Armed with the right car washing tools and products, it’s possible to achieve a superior level of clean and water beading for your car. At Car Care Products Australia, we offer car cleaning products that make the process of washing your car simple. Remove contaminants such as dirt and grime from paintwork today with our excellent range of car cleaning and car grooming products.

The Most Effective Car Cleaning Products

If you’re looking for the very best auto cleaning products, you’ve come to the right place.

We proudly stock:

  • Snow foam and snow foam lances that offer a new, touchless way to lift dirt and grime within minutes
  • Car dryers and car dryer blowers that quickly and safely dry paintwork and remove water from hard-to-reach areas and crevices such as the wheels, vents, engine bays and grills
  • Quick Detail spray wax to boost gloss, water beading and protection when drying your car
  • Car shampoo that gently washes your car without removing sealants or wax protection
  • Wash kit complete solutions that contain a range of essential car washing products
  • Waterless wash products with a spray-on formula to remove dirt and grime safely
  • Buckets and grit guards that trap dirt and other contaminants, preventing swirl marks and spider webs from appearing on your car’s exterior

Find Car Washing Tools & Products from the Following Leading Brands:

  • Autoglym
  • Dodo Juice
  • Duragloss
  • Nextzett
  • Autobrite

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Shop our incredible range of car wash and car cleaning products online at Car Care Products Australia today, including pH neutral car shampoo, snow foam lances and more. You can also get in touch with our knowledgeable staff to learn more about any of our products for sale at our showrooms in Sydney and Brisbane before you buy.