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  1. Swissvax Entry Collection Concorso
    Swissvax Entry Collection Concorso
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See What Paint Protection Kits We Stock

We stock a large range of paint protection kits to help you maintain the gloss of your car’s paintwork and maximise its protective capabilities. We have entry level kits to professional series, offering durability from 6 months right up to a few years. All kits provide an easy step-by-step guide on application, such as GYEON quartz – the leaders in SiO2 ceramic technology providing that unmistakable GYEON gloss, depth and super-hydrophobic finish to paint – and Nanolex, known for their German made nanotechnology based ceramic coatings, giving further depth and shine to all types of paintworks.

Paint Protection Kits from World Renowned Brands

Don’t get stung by the dealer! Apply a GYEON quartz, Nanolex or Duragloss Ceramic Paint Protection Coating to your car’s paintwork and have the durability, protection and high gloss finish that you’ve seen before! We have a range of kits for all types of car sizes, budgets and abilities. Speak to us to find out which kit is suitable for your application.

Get in touch with us, and we’ll guide you through which Paint Protection Kit is suitable for your vehicle and help get you started!