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  1. Swissvax Cleaner Fluid - Medium 250mL
    Swissvax Cleaner Fluid - Medium 250mL
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All Purpose Paint Pre-Cleaner for Cars & Car Pre-Wax Cleaners

Are you looking to remove wax and polish residues from paint or exterior car surfaces? If you prepare your paintwork properly, paint correction and paint protection including wax protection will be easier to apply and last longer.

At Car Care Products Australia, we have a huge selection of  paint pre-cleaner for cars as well as car pre-wax cleaner products for sale that help to clean, rejuvenate and extend the life of your car’s shine, while also making any tiny scratches on your car less obvious.  

Our Product Selection

Our selection of car paint surface cleaner and wax remover products includes:

  • Dodo Juice Lime Prime – Removes old waxes, adds gloss-enhancing oils and lightly polishes paintwork in preparation for wax application
  • GYEON Q2 Prep – This paint prep product is the ideal option to cleanse your paint, rims, glass and more – removing fingerprints, oil and other residues, leaving the paint ready for protection with GYEON coatings
  • Duragloss Wax Eraser – Easily wiped over smooth and textured surfaces to remove unsightly old wax and polish residues for a good-as-new appearance
  • Isopropanol – A low cost option that you can dilute as a cleaning solvent for wiping down paint surfaces after polishing or before coatings
  • Swissvax Cleaner Fluid – This pre wax surface polish is made to remove light swirl marks, old waxes, and prepar your paint ready for waxing
  • GYEON Q2M WaterSpot – This water spot remover will remove any water spots found on your car without affecting or damaging the coating or paint


You must remove residue caused by polishing, old wax and products, as it is an important step to ensure you’re polishing clean paintwork before application of your paint protection, whether ceramic, synthetic sealant or a carnauba wax.

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Shop the extensive range of paint cleaner and wax remover products available to buy online at Car Care Products Australia. For more information on our products, get in touch with the detailing experts at our showrooms in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne.