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  1. Swissvax Engine 250mL
  2. Vikan Engine & Surrounds Brushes

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Car Engine Cleaner & Engine Degrease

Cleaning your engine requires specialised products that are safe yet effective and avoid causing damage. Car engine cleaners are usually concentrated to allow lighter cleaning on delicate components and heavier cleaning in the dirtiest of areas. Combine a suitable engine cleaning brush with a good all-purpose engine cleaner to effectively clean and remove light dust to the heaviest of gunk, grease and grime.

Engine Cleaning Can Be Easily Done!

Within our impressive online range in Australia, you’ll find:

  • Autoglym Engine Cleaner – A powerful and non-corrosive ready-to-use cleaner for engines, wheels, and other parts and components
  • All Purpose Cleaner – A non-caustic and biodegradable cleaner capable of cleaning all surfaces on engines, wheel arches and much more
  • Nextzett Degreaser – A concentrated alkaline engine bay degreaser suitable for most automotive surfaces, offering high dilution depending on your needs
  • Vikan Engine Cleaning Brushes – A perfect solution to get into those hard to reach areas in your engine bay for cleaning

In addition, we stock engine cleaning brushes from Vikan and Mint for delicate parts and inaccessible areas. Each brush features long, soft bristles that can remove dirt, grime and gunk without damaging paintwork and components. We also stock protectants that will help protect rubber and plastics in your engine bay from heat failure. Choosing the right engine cleaner and engine bay degreaser can be a little confusing, so feel free to call us or email to discuss the best solution for you.