Wet Sanding

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Wet Sanding

Trying to remove a paint defect such as dust, a deep scratch or even some orange peel? Using quality wet sanding paper is important to ensure a smooth and consistent finish. Ensure you follow each grade to the highest number to remove as much sanding marks before using a cutting compound such as Menzerna, RUPES or 3M to remove any hazing and sanding marks left.

Need Wet Sanding Advice?

Wet sanding is recommended for the advanced enthusiast and detailer only. We recommend using our quality wet sanding paper that ensures consistency whilst removing paint imperfections, followed by heavy cutting compound to return gloss, depth and shine to your car’s paintwork. We also offer an excellent touch up microbrush for cars, allowing for better control of paint application for those unsightly stone-chips if required.

Car Care Products is a leading supplier of wet sanding paper and discs for your car’s paintwork. Contact us for more information on wet sanding and paint correction.