Miscellaneous Detailing Products

Detailing can encompass many different requirements, these can range from paint inspection for swirls, touch up brushes, plastic razor blades for adhesive removal, paint thickness gauges to even fine grade steel wool for metal polishing. We stock a variety of detailing products for all types of tasks and applications, check our full range and if unsure contact us for further help and assistance today.

Miscellaneous Detailing Products

We offer a range of Miscellaneous Tools & Accessories for Detailing including;

  • ‘Do not touch’ display cards to dissuade people from touching or leaning on your car at car shows
  • Paint thickness gauges that measure paint thickness on automotive paint and on steel and aluminium panels
  • LED pen lights that help you locate swirl marks, scratches and other imperfections
  • Plastic razor blades for removing old decals, grime and adhesives
  • Track Wrap – protection for the track that can be applied in your own garage and removed when required
  • Micro brushes for touching up chips and scratch damage

We also stock cement dissolvers, paint protection film cleaners, rinse-free car wash, paint protection film sealants, temporary paint film protection and more. Browse our range and place your order online with us today.